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CEA- French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission

Published on 9 February 2017

CEA is a French research-and-technology organization with activities in energy, IT, healthcare, defence and security. It will be involved in INSPEX through the CEA-LETI institute from the Technological Research Division (DRT). Nearly 1,700 persons are serving innovation and transfer of technology in key domains such as ICT, wireless communications, security, usage of new technologies, etc. More than 85% of CEA-LETI activity is dedicated to research finalised with external partners. CEA-LETI secures more than 170 patents every year and nearly thirty high-technology start-ups have been founded. CEA-LETI contributes towards many EC projects in the area of Internet of Things and Smart ICT services (SENSEI (coordinator), IOT-A, SMAT-SANTANDER, BUTLER (technical coordination), OUTSMART, ClouT (coordinator), Organicity, Festival) and smart buildings (SCUBA, TOPAs) and UWB technologies (EUWB, SELECT).

Specific contribution to the INSPEX project: As coordinator of the INSPEX project and being “beta tester” of the INSPEX smart integrated system, CEA will have a primary role in WP1 “User needs, use cases, legal and ethical issues”. CEA will be involved in WP2 “Component characterization, modelling and optimization” with the optimisation of its UWB RF Radar component. CEA will lead WP4 “Context awareness and user feedback” where it will mainly contribute to the smart system firmware and integration/adaptation of its Obstacle detection and mobile obstacle speed estimation functionality. CEA will contribute to WP6 “System Validation & Acceptability” mainly with lab environment system validation. CEA will also lead WP8 “Management”.

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