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Published on 3 April 2017

GoSense is a French start-up funded in January 2015, specialized in sensory augmentation technologies, and especially in Augmented Reality Audio. GoSense has recently released Wizigo, which is a mobile community based GPS application for the visually impaired, and will soon release Rango, which is a smart electronic device that enhances the traditional white cane and allows obstacle avoidance thanks to an innovative patented ultrasonic 3D sensor and spatialized audio feedbacks.

Specific contribution to the INSPEX project : GoSense is WP leader of WP6 (System Validation & Acceptability). From his expertise in Human-Computer Interaction and in smart cane design for the VIB community, GoSense will strongly contribute to WP1 (User needs, use cases, legal and ethical issues) and also to WP4 (Context awareness and user feedback).

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