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Year two dissemination

​You will find here the list of all the papers & patents published during the second year of the project.  

Published on 25 February 2019


 C8.2018        Banach, R, Razavi, J, Lesecq, S, Debicki, O, Mareau, N, Foucault, J, Correvon, M & Dudnik, G 2018, Formal Methods in Systems Integration: Deployment of Formal Techniques in INSPEX. In Complex Systems Design and Management 2018 .

C9.2018        Razavi, J, Banach, R, Lesecq, S, Debicki, O, Mareau, N, Foucault, J, Correvon, M & Dudnik, G 2018, Formal Verification for Advanced Sensing Applications: Data Pre-processing in the INSPEX System. In ICSOFT 2018.

C10.2018      Banach, R, Razavi, J, Debicki, O, Mareau, N, Lesecq, S & Foucault, J 2018, Application of Formal Methods in the INSPEX Smart Systems Integration Project. in FMIS 2018.

C11.2018      Banach, R, Razavi, J & et al 2018, Assistive Smart, Structured 3D Environmental Information for the Visually Impaired and Blind: Leveraging the INSPEX Concept. In 1st International Workshop on Biomedical & Health Engineering and Data Analysis (BEDA'18).

C12.2018      Banach, R, Razavi, J, Debicki, O, Mareau, N, Lesecq, S & Foucault, J 2018, Exploring Applications of Formal Methods in the INSPEX Project. in STAF Workshops 2018.

C13.2018      R. O'Keeffe et al., "Long Range LiDAR Characterisation for Obstacle Detection for use by the Visually Impaired and Blind," 2018 IEEE 68th Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC), San Diego, CA, 2018, pp. 533-538. doi: 10.1109/ECTC.2018.00084

C14.2018      O Debicki, N Mareau, L. Ouvry, J Foucault, Suzanne Lesecq, et al.. INSPEX: Integrated portable multi-sensor obstacle detection device. Application to navigation for visually impaired people. Design and Automation Conference DAC 2018, IP-Track (best presentation award), Jun 2018, San Francisco, United Statescea-01863959


P1.2018        Foncellino, Francesco (Caserta, IT), Villa, Flavio Francesco (Milano, IT), Di Matteo, Andrea (Napoli, IT), PIEZOELECTRIC MICRO-MACHINED ULTRASONIC TRANSDUCER (PMUT) AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE PMUT, United States STMICROELECTRONICS S.R.L. (Agrate Brianza, IT) 20180178251

P2.2018        Roxana Dia, Frédéric Heitzmann, Suzanne Lesecq, Julien Mottin, Diego Puschini Pascual, Tiana Rakotovao Andriamahefa, ENVIRONMENT SENSING METHOD AND APPARATUS USING A WIDE-ANGLE DISTANCE SENSOR, patent application FR 18305955.9, 13/07/2018

P3.2018        Olivier Debicki, Sigma Sense V1.0 : RDDN.FR,001.1 50007.000.s.p.201 8.000.20900 submitted 5/3/2018, software author right protection application via APP submission (Agence pour la Protection des Programmes, French)



J1   Herveg, J. & Van Gyseghem, J.-M. (2018). La protection des données à caractère personnel en droit européen - Chronique de Jurisprudence (2017). Data Protection in European Law - Chronicle of case-law (2017) (pp. 3-51). Bruxelles : Larcier, Journal européen des droits de l'homme - European Journal of Human Rights.

J2   Herveg, J. (2018). Data protection and Biobanks in 2018 (pp. 515-536). Brill Nijhoff. European Journal of Health Law

Chapter in a book ​

Herveg, J. (2018). Réflexions autour de la protection des données et des vulnérabilités. in H. Jacquemin & M. Nihoul (coord.), Vulnérabilités et droits dans l'environnement numérique (pp. 333-392). Buxelles : Larcier (Collection de la Faculté de droit de l'UNamur).

Herveg, J., & Van Gyseghem, J-M. (2018). Un nouveau métier de la santé: la sous-traitance des données du patient . In Law, Norms and Freedoms in Cyberspace / Droit, normes et libertés dans le cybermonde: Liber amicorum Yves Poullet (pp. 747-764). Bruxelles: Larcier.