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WP1 -User needs, use cases, Legal and Ethical issues

Published on 27 February 2017

User needs, use cases, Legal and Ethical issues will be the starting point for the INSPEX project, and within this work package the consortium will employ best practices to specify initial requirements. The WP will take a user-centred view of the INSPEX solution by defining a number of use-case scenarios based on partners' experience, strong connections with the VIB community and through stakeholder engagement. Being user-centred, WP1 will emphasises on the smart spatial exploration system conditions-of-use (vibration, temperature, humidity, impact), on the acceptable weight and its distribution over the system, on the form factor, etc., thus to form the impetus for the specification and design of the INSPEX architecture. The Legal and Ethical (L&E) related topics are in a central position in WP1